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Fertilizer & Weed Control

SJM is fully licensed and insured. We are licensed by the Department of Agriculture and the State of Virginia to apply fertilizer, weed control and pest control. All applicators are fully licensed and insured, they have a combined 42 years of experience in lawn service.

We identify each weed and have a program to eliminate them from the lawn. If you have weeds in your lawn right now, a granular pre-emergent product will not solve your current weed problem but will help prevent some future weeds. We apply a blended mix of fertilizer, weed control and pre-emergent that will boost the color of the lawn and wipe out the weeds while preventing new weeds.

Anybody can apply fertilizer and weed control but are you applying the right amount at the right time?

Does your current company or any company you are getting estimates from employ a licensed applicator? The next time they come out, be sure to ask the applicator if he is carrying his license.


We are fully licensed and insured to apply fertilizer and weed control products in Virginia.


5 Step Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Program That Works!

All fertilization programs are customized to improve your lawn and all applications are specially suited for each seasonal condition.

SJM guarantees quality results. If any application does not meet your satisfaction, SJM will re-apply that application at no additional cost to you.

Early Spring Application: Includes a blended mix of pre-emergent, fertilizer and weed control. The pre-emergent will control crabgrass and most springtime weeds. A booster shot of fertilizer for the lawn will enhance the color and improve turf density. Any growing weeds will be eliminated by our post emergent weed control.

Late Spring Application: A second application of pre-emergent to extend coverage into the summer months will be applied along with another application of weed control. A slower release fertilizer will be applied to keep the lush green color of spring alive into the warm summer months ahead.

Summer Application: A slow release fertilizer will be applied to meet seasonal weather conditions. Broadleaf weeds will be sprayed when needed. We highly recommend applying a preventative insect/grub control product at this time.

Early Fall Application: Includes a balanced nutritious application of fertilizer to help the lawn recover from summer stress and damage. This application will boost the color of the lawn into the cooler nights of fall. Weeds will be sprayed as needed.

Late Fall / Winter: Seasonally blended fertilizer will be applied to maintain the fall color into the cold months ahead. This application is a slow release fertilizer that will feed the lawn into the winter and promote good winter root development. The fertilizer will also provide an excellent “green-up” in the early spring. Call today or use our “request form” and we will get you started.

Additional Recommended Turf Applications

Along with routine fertilization and weed control, we also recommend the following services to prevent problems and maintain the overall health and beauty of the lawn.

Insect Control Services: These insects attack the plants above the surface of the soil robbing the plant blade of its water supply. When conditions are wet, the plants can continue to grow without any damage. When conditions are dry, the plants are stressed and cannot survive. Insects are not detected until the damage is already done. Large areas of the lawn will turn brown and the plants will show signs of insects chew¬ing on them. Once the lawn has been infested, the plants will be lost and the lawn will need to be reseeded. Most damage is done between June and August.

Grub Control Services: Grubs are the larval (or worm) state of many types of beetles. The beetles lay their eggs in your lawn, and newly hatched worms work their way through the thatch into the soil. Most beetles lay their eggs mid to late summer, and young grubs do their greatest damage during the fall months. Grubs live and feed in the soil. It is easy to miss them as they gradually cut the roots from under your lawn until brown patches begin to appear and grubs are discovered. As the weather cools, most grubs burrow into the soil for winter, only to return to the surface to feed again in the spring. After the spring feeding, the grubs pupate into adult beetles and begin the life cycle again.

They should be treated before damage begins. Once grubs start to feed, the turf is lost. Those areas will need to be re-seeded or renovated. Grubs can do damage to large areas of your lawn in a matter of days.

Applying this product will help eliminate the grubs and insects from your lawn. When grubs start to feed, they will be ingesting the grub control, thus stopping damage to your turf grass.

Limestone: The soil needs to be in balance if you want the fertilizer to be effective. Soil nutrients vary widely throughout Northern Virginia. We recommend testing the soil to determine the exact state of your lawn. Turf growing in healthy soil with the correct pH level reduces fertilizer use and is less likely to be affected by disease and drought. Limestone needs to be applied to correct and maintain the optimum soil condition.

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SJM is fully licensed and insured to apply fertilizer, weed control and pest control products by the Department of Agriculture and the State of Virginia.

Pesticide License #98005114

Application License #55642-C

Contractor Permit #57-75770