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Spring Clean-up and Mulch

Let us get you off to a great spring while you sit back and enjoy the spring colors and fresh air!

Let the professionals at SJM beautify your landscape by installing fresh mulch. Our experienced crews will give your gardens an outstanding, weed free appearance that your neighbors will be talking about.

We will clean all the sticks, twigs and leaves from every inch of the mulch beds. We even hand pick the leaves that get twisted down inside the plants.

We crop all liriope and summer grass plants to allow the new growth to absorb the fresh spring air and sunshine.

All the existing weeds are pulled by hand and we will define the beds. The beds are cut neatly and sharply with a shovel by hand to provide a distinct and professional look to the landscape.

We install rich brown, double shredded hardwood mulch to a depth of 2.5 inches.

Mulch installation insulates your plants’ roots from the heat while retaining the necessary moisture they need during the dry summer months. During the winter, the mulch acts as a protective blanket conserving warmth in the soil beneath. Mulch is also effective in suppressing those pesky spring and summer weeds.

Any mulch type is available so please ask if you have preference. We can use single shredded, double shredded, black, red, cypress, cocoa and any other type you can think of so…JUST ASK.

Spring Flowers

We have a beautiful selection of spring flowers in most colors. Spring flowers add that extra punch to any landscape at a low cost. Spring flowers are low maintenance and can spruce up any area immediately!

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SJM is fully licensed and insured to apply fertilizer, weed control and pest control products by the Department of Agriculture and the State of Virginia.

Pesticide License #98005114

Application License #55642-C

Contractor Permit #57-75770